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Our goal is to offer our clients the best quality and pricing on tires, treads and service.

  • Indelband Retreads for commercial trucks

    Nortop is the largest commercial truck tread distribution company to independent retread shops in North America. We are the exclusive distribution of Indelband Tread rubber. We offer a vast choice of tread design as well as the best quality tread suited for the North American climate. We also offer the best full range of retread tires for the commercial tire industry. The combination of the best Indelband Treads with the biggest independent retreader in the province provides the best retread possible in the industry.

  • Tire Retreading Service + New Tires for commercial trucks

    Our goal is to assist you in servicing and offering you the best possible quality and pricing tire on the market. We offer a vast choice of domestic tires (Continental, Yokohama, Goodyear, etc.), no matter how big or small your fleet. We offer the best retreaded tires available on the market. We also have a great selection of economic tires, and well as our exclusive brand DOUBLE COIN which comes with a 7-year, 3 retread warranty. Best price/quality available on the market.

    * National account available
  • 24/7Service

    Mobile Truck Tire Services for commercial trucks

    Nortop offers comprehensive mobile truck tire repair service 24hrs/7 days a week. Our mobile services include: fixing a flat, ensuring proper air pressure, repairing a damaged tire, changing with a new tire or retreaded tire, and much more.

  • Warehouse Equipment Sales transport, forklifts and industrial equipment

    We have a great selection of new and used warehousing transport equipment as well as other industrial equipment essentials and telecommunication/IT equipment.

  • Yard Check Services for commercial truck yards

    Yard maintenance and yard inspection 24/7 assisting you in increasing profitability and reliability of the fleet.


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Nortop Canada selects the best rubber tread throughout the world from quality manufacturers. Nortop also sells various other products used by tire re-tread shops including: other types of tire treads, cushion gum, anti-break, rope, staple gun, sealants, tire paint, cement, etc.

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